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HYOD has a matrixed approach to providing services which takes into account the elements of the tasking, the corporate culture, and the sponsor's objectives.  This methodology mirrors the depth and breadth of the knowledge and skills available which are then applied against the needs of the customer.  It has been our experience that most customers want to be empowered, to gain the know how to address the where-of's, therefore's, and needs to's.  The HYOD subject matter expertise is integrated against a scale for participation from independent development to collaborative team approach to support through task assignment.  The HYOD contribution is geared to providing what the customer needs to promote itself in the federal market environment and being successful.  HYOD does so keeping an eye on the objective, relying on its strengths of knowledge and experience, and providing the requisite support to a customer for addressing the immediate requirement as well as preparing for the how to of the future.